WPCasa Dashboard

WPCasa Dashboard is an add-on to allow listing submissions from a login area on the front end. Through shortcodes it is possible to set up the necessary pages (login, dashboard, edit listing etc.) in an intuitive way.


It also comes with optional payment gateways (currently Stripe and PayPal) that you can set up to charge users for publishing listings on your site. A flexible package system is included. Different prices, durations, maximum number of listings and permissions (e.g. images, map) can be set individually.

Check out the list below with interesting articles about how to use WPCasa Dashboard.


Notifications New listing for review (admin), listing is now live (user), subscription about to expire (user) etc.
Invoices Offer invoice download right from the dashboard.
Permissions Improve package permissions management.
Featured Offer option to pay extra for featured listings.
Labels Offer option to pay extra for listing labels.

Useful Links

Version 1.0

Please notice! These tutorials are based on WPCasa Dashboard v1.1.0 or later. For older versions please come this way.

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