WPCasa Dashboard v1.0

With the WPCasa Dashboard add-on you can allow front end users submit listings and manage their posted items. In the add-on settings you can decide whether to only allow listing submissions from known (registered) users or if users can register through the same submission form. Further you can set if you want to review all listings before they go live or if dashbard users are allowed to directly publish them on the site.

Please notice! These tutorials are based on WPCasa Dashboard v1.0. For the current version please come this way.


  • [wpsight_dashboard] Shows the listings of a specific user when he is logged in.
  • [wpsight_dashboard_submit] Shows the submission form when the user is logged in.

Activate Add-On

When you activate WPCasa Dashboard for the first time two new static pages will automatically be created. The first one called Dashboard includes the [wpsight_dashboard] where the user can manage his listings. The second one is a child page of the first, is called Submit Listing and includes the [wpsight_dashboard_submit] shortcode to show the submission form.

Dashboard Settings

A new tab on the WPCasa settings page on WP-Admin > WPCasa > Settings will be available when this add-on is active. There you can make important settings and make sure that the dashboard behaves like you want it to.


To let WPCasa know where your dahboard pages are you need to select the dashboard and the submission page. These options are pre-defined with the pages that were automatically created during activation.

Further you can define if only registred users should be able to add listings, if users can register using the submission form or even if guest users can submit their listings. When registration is enabled it is also important to apply a user role (defaults to custom user role Listing Agent).

Users can submit their listings but you decide if you first review the listing or if it goes live directly. Also set if listings that have already been submitted (are in status Pending approval) can still be edited or not.

Another interesting option is the Update User feature. When submitting a listing the agent information is stored in the WordPress profile of the corresponding user. This info can be updated for future listings when the user changes e.g. the contact details.

Dashboard Listings

When you (probably as the admin) already have at least one listing on WP-Admin > Listings you can access the dashboard page on the front end and you will already see the listings you created. When you don’t have any listings yet, you can create one on WP-Admin > Listings > Add New, import our exmaple content or directly test the submission form.


On this image you can see that dashboard users can do quite a few things to manage their listings. After creating an entry the following links are available: Edit, Delete, Unavailable (e.g. when item was sold or rented) or Available (to mark available again) and View (link to front end listing).

Further they can check the status column where they can see if the listing is still a Draft or (when it has been submitted for review) Pending approval. Once the listing is listed on the website, it gets the Active status.

Dashboard Submission

The second page is called Submit Listing. When you access this page on the front end of your site, you will see the form that is used to submit a listing.


You might have noticed that the dashboard submission form is pretty much a copy of the listing editor in the backend. Users can submit listings with all the necessary information, upload images and also add their contact details. These are suggested by WPCasa using the data from the WordPress profile when the user is already logged in.

If a user is not logged in but registration is enabled, the user will see the following screen when he visits the submission form page. He gets the option to either sign in or create an account by entering a user name and email. An auto-generated password will be sent to the user if he completes registration.


If a user is not logged in and registration is disabled, the user will only see the message that he is currently not allowed to post any listings. Of course there is a login link for already registered users.


Dashboard Templates

The dashboard add-on makes use of the powerful template system that is used by WPCasa. You can find the dashboard templates in the /templates add-on sub folder.

Make a copy of the files that you would like to edit and move it into your theme root folder or in a sub folder called /wpcasa. Just make sure it has the same name.

This way your modifications are safe when the add-on is updated and files are over-written. Please read more about templates in Using Templates.

Advanced Customization

It is further possible to customize the set of dashboard fields. If you want to add more, remove or edit existing fields (e.g. change the label or the type of a field from text to select), you can use the wpsight_dashboard_fields filter hook to modify the array that holds the default values of the fields.

Please Notice!

This is an add-on plugin and will only work in combination with the WPCasa core plugin.

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