Creating Dashboard Pages

To manage the different sections of the WPCasa Dashboard it includes a number of shortcodes that can be added to static pages (New Listing, Login etc.).


Under the Dashboard tab on the WPCasa settings page on WP-Admin > WPCasa > Settings we can assign these pages to let the add-on know where they are located.

Create Pages

In order to set the dashboard pages we need to activate the Pages option which is a toggle for another array of settings.

WPCasa Dashboard pages
WPCasa Dashboard pages

When you install this version (v1.1.0 or later) of WPCasa Dashboard for the first time you will love the first option that allows you to create all the necessary dashboard pages automatically. But please handle this option with care. It should only be executed on a fresh install.

If you decide to use this option, just activate it and save the settings. The set of pages with their corresponding shortcodes will then be created and assigned accordingly.

Page Description Public
Dashboard This is the main dashboard page listing all the properties of the current user with links to edit, view or remove the listing. No
Submit The submit page shows the multi-step listing submission form. No
Edit The edit page shows the multi-step listing submission form with the data of a specific listing. No
Remove The remove page makes the user confirm or cancel the removal of a specific listing. No
Registration This page shows a registration form when a user is not logged in already.

Please notice! Registrations through the dashboard are only possible when they are allowed in the WordPress settings on WP-Admin > Settings > General > Anyone can register.
After registration After registration the user will be redirected to this page. No
Login This page shows the login form when a user is not logged in already. Yes
Logout This page can be linked in order to log out the current user. No
Profile On this page the current user can edit the details of his profile. No
Payment The dashboard system redirects the user to this page to enter his payment information. No
Transactions On this page the current user can find a list of transactions (payments) made through the dashboard. No
Terms When selected users have to agree to the terms and conditions before registration or making a payment. Yes

Of course you can change the titles, slugs and the content of these pages to your special needs. But creating them automatically is a good way to get started.

WPCasa Dashboard static pages
WPCasa Dashboard static pages

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