WPCasa Admin Map UI

The WPCasa Admin Map UI add-on is a powerful helper to add the map location to your listings. When this add-on is active you’ll see a preview map in the listing editor. Apart from inserting the address in the corresponding field you can set the location by clicking on the map and dragging the marker. But also the address field now offers an autocomplete dropdown where Google Map locations are suggested.

Apart from just setting the map location you can also make settings that only apply to the map of the individual listing. You can set the map type, zoom level and whether or not to activate the streetview option.

Also see the add-on page in our shop.

Let’s see what the add-on does. Please go to WP-Admin > Listings > Add New or go to the edit screen of an existing listing.

Without Add-On

Without this add-on you will only see the address field where you need to add the location manually.


With Active Add-On

In change when you activate the WPCasa Admin Map UI add-on you will see the following options in the Listing Location meta box.


Address Field

With the activated add-on the address field offers an autocomplete option where Google Map search results are suggested depending on the address you enter. By clicking one of the suggested options the map marker will be updated.


Map Preview

At any time it is possible to use the map preview to zoom in or change the marker position by dragging it to the desired loction.


Map Settings

With the advanced map settings you can modify the way it is displayed in an individual listing. When you change any of the available settings Map Type, Map Zoom or Streetview, you’ll see an instant preview on the map above.


Now you just need to update the listing and the new location with the modified map settings applies to the Goolge Map in the front end listing.

Please Notice!

This is an add-on plugin and will only work in combination with the WPCasa core plugin.

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