WPCasa Currency Converter

The WPCasa Currency Converter is an easy-to-use yet very powerful tool for your WPCasa site. With this add-on you can let your users select the currency that all the listing prices are displayed in. Just decide which currencies you would like to offer, add the shortcode to the sidebar for example and that’s it. The add-on does the rest.

Also see the add-on page in our shop or the demo for a live example.


[wpsight_currency_converter] Shows the currency converter dropdown.

Also have a look at the shortcode page for more information and available parameters.

Currency Converter

Activating the currency converter is as simple as activating the plugin and adding the shortcode anywhere on your website (e.g. text widget in the sidebar). The default currency that is displayed will be the one selected on the WPCasa settings page. Once you choose another option, it will convert all the price shown on the site to the new currency.


By default the dropdown will show the following options: Euro, US Dollar, Pound Sterling and Yapanese Yen.


You can change these options by adding the three-letter codes of the desired currencies in a comma-separated list to the currencies parameter.

[wpsight_currency_converter currencies="eur,usd,gbp"]

Custom CSS

By default this add-on does not include any CSS styles to get out of your way when you add the converter to your theme. You can apply your custom styles using the .currency-select CSS class to target all converter instances or the #currency-select-0 ID selector to modify specific instances (0 is the ID of the first instance).

Please Notice!

This is an add-on plugin and will only work in combination with the WPCasa core plugin.

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