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The Gravity Forms plugin is a powerful tool when it comes to build advanced forms for your WordPress site. In this tutorial we will show you how to use Gravity Forms with WPCasa and how to add property information to the emails sent from listing pages.


Gravity Forms is a paid solution without any free plan. But from my personal point of view it is one of the best form solutions available for WordPress. I’ve been using it for years (pretty much from their beginning) and can definitely recommend it.

What our add-on does is pretty simple but extremely helpful. When you first install the add-on, a sample contact form will be created with all the necessary fields and an example notification set up. This form includes some regular form fields (like name, email, message etc.) but also comes with a few hidden fields.

These hidden fields are used to send some information about the property listing the contact form is displayed on. By default we attach the title, URL and the listing ID to the email. And this email is sent to the author (agent) of the corresponding listing to make sure the form works with a multi-agent WPCasa site.

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Install Gravity Forms

This add-on a bridge plugin because it does not work without the core plugin. Therefore it is necessary to make sure that you first install the corresponding plugin. Gravity Forms is a paid plugin. Check their website to see which license fits your needs.

Install WPCasa Gravity Forms

Now if you have installed the Gravity Forms core plugin we can install our WPCasa Gravity Forms add-on. Please go to WP-Admin > Plugins > Add New and type “WPCasa Gravity Forms” in the search field. Click Install Now once you’ve found the plugin and activate it.

Form Editor

As already mentioned. When you activate our add-on for the first time a sample contact form will be created automatically. You can find it on WP-Admin > Forms and it is called Contact the Agent. By default the form includes the following fields.

Field Description
Name Required field to let the user enter his name
Email Required field to let the user enter his email
Phone Optional field for the phone number of the user
Message Required field for the main message of the user
Listing Title Hidden field which holds the title of the current listing
Listing ID Hidden field which holds the listing ID of the current listing
Listing URL Hidden field which holds the URL of the current listing
Listing Agent Hidden field which holds the email of the listing agent where the message is sent to


Of course you can edit, remove or add any field you need. But we recommend not to change the hidden fields for the moment as we use these in the notification sent to the listing agent.

Notifications Editor

Apart from the form fields the sample form also has an example notification already set up. By default an email will be sent to the agent of the current listing. You can find it in the form toolbar under Form Settings > Notifications.


Here you can add as many notifications as you need. If you (as the site admin) want to stay in the loop about all the requests, set up a notification that is sent to your email.

Add-On Settings

Our add-on also comes with some minor settings that you can adjust to your needs if necessary.


On WP-Admin > WPCasa > Settings you find a new Gravity Forms tab. In case you want to append the listing contact form to your property listings automatically, you can select it here and decide where to display it exactly.

The form can be inserted between the different elements of a WPCasa listing or simply at the end (default).

The add-on also comes with some (very) few CSS rules that you can disable here if you handle the CSS yourself.

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Please Notice!

This is an add-on plugin and will only work in combination with the WPCasa and Gravity Forms core plugins.

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