Activate License Keys

When you purchase an add-on from our website, you will also receive a license key. An active license is required to get support and updates for the corresponding product.

If you use any of our free products and need premium support, you have the option to purchase our support package. In this case you’ll receive a license key for access to support.

Copy License Key

You can find the license keys for your purchased products in your account on our website.

Please log into your account and browse to the purchase history. Then click on View Licenses. On the next screen you will see the license details with information about how many activations are still available, when the license expires and if there are possible upgrades.


To get the license key please click on the key icon. A popup will appear where you can copy the key.

Activate License Key

To activate the license key that we’ve just copied access the admin of your WordPress installation and browse to WP-Admin > WPCasa > Licenses.

Paste the license key in the corresponding field and FIRST save the changes by clicking the blue button. A new button Activate License will appear next to the text field. When you click this button, the license will finally be activated.


Activate Theme License

In case you use any of our paid themes you can enter your license key on WP-Admin > Appearance > Theme License.


Just like for add-ons you need an active license in order to get updates and access to support.

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