Switching from Theme Version

In this tutorial we will go through the process of switching from the old theme framework to the new WPCasa plugin version. There are several things to have in mind as the new version is not entirely backward compatible with the old theme version. But there’s a cure.

Please notice! If you use WPCasa for the first time and have never heard of a theme version, you won’t need to go through this tutorial.

This is only for clients who purchased the old WPCasa theme framework and want to switch an existing installation including the corresponding property data.

No Backward Compatibility?!

When we started developing the new plugin version of WPCasa at some point we had to take an important decision. And in the end we opted for dropping backward compatibility with the old theme version. Sometimes you just need to make a clear cut in order to proceed. Adding backward compatibility would have resulted in bloated code. Nobody wants that.

But if you have been a WPCasa client using the theme version (many of you for years), we will of course not leave you behind and try to make the switch to the new version as smooth as possible.

Legacy Add-On (beta)

In order to create as much backward compatibility for the theme version in the plugin we created the WPCasa Legacy add-on. It is currently in beta status and we are looking for users willing to test the new plugin version in combination with the legacy add-on to see if the old property data from the theme version is correctly displayed.

Please find more information at WPCasa Legacy.

Existing Clients

Again, if you’ve been using the WPCasa theme version, we will not leave you behind. Of course you have paid for the products and for this reason you will receive the equivalent products of the new version to be able to rebuild the existing functionality.

The core plugin of the new WPCasa is free. Some of the features that were included in the theme framework are now add-ons for this core plugin or we decided to rely on free third party plugins (e.g. contact form). WPCasa theme users will receive the following paid products without any extra cost:

  • Add-on WPCasa Favorites
  • Add-on WPCasa Listing Labels
  • Add-on WPCasa Currency Converter
  • Add-on WPCasa Listing PDF
  • Theme WPCasa STAGE (starter theme)

If you purchased the WPCasa & All Child Themes package, you’ll additionally get a developer license for all the themes. This license will be valid for 6 months and can optionally be renewed at a discounted price.

You will find the mentioned products in your new account. Please recover your password, log in and click on Downloads.

For detailed information also read Logging into Your New Account.

Theme Version

The theme framework version of WPCasa will no longer be developed. But we will still support it during the first quarter of 2016 (ends on March 31).

The old support forums will stay open. If you have a member account in the forums, you will still be able to read the topics. But adding new posts will be disabled by the end of this year. Urgent support requests can be made using our new ticket system.

Soon there will be one last version 1.4 that fixes currently known issues. Also, if a major bug occurs until the period of support ends and it is due to a WordPress update (latest release), we will fix it and release the new version.

After that period, however, no more updates will be published and we will entirely concentrate on the development of the new plugin version.

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