Display Listings Search Form

If you have a reasonable number of listings on your site, you may want to provide a decent search to make sure your website visitors can easily find what they are looking for. WPCasa comes with an advanced search form that you can display on your site using the shortcode [wpsight_listings_search].

Also have a look at [wpsight_listings_search] and the demo for a live example.

Once you add the shortcode you will see something like this:


Listings Page

By default the listings search form will show the search results on the page that you defined as the Listings Page in the plugin settings.

Therefore it is a good practice to also display the search form on this page to allow the user to update the search if necessary. You can add it right before the [wpsight_listings] shortcode like we did in the demo.


Sidebar Search

The search form shortcode also comes with a useful parameter that allows you to nicely display the form vertically in areas with a reduced space like sidebars.

[wpsight_listings_search orientation="vertical"]

The vertical search form will be like this:


Advanced Search

We already consider the default listings search advanced. But you can add even more options to the form and display them in an expandable area that users can open and close to their liking.


To add the advanced search options please feel free to install the WPCasa Advanced Search add-on. It’s free. Once the add-on is active, the shortcode will display the new options by default. However, you can optionally deactivate it in specific instances of the form.

[wpsight_listings_search advanced="false"]

More Options?

Sure, there are a few more. Please have a look at Shortcode: [wpsight_listings_search] for the full list of parameters.

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