Change Rental Periods

In case that you or your agency deal with rental objects, the option that you can add the rental period to the price in the listing editor will definitly come in handy.


Periods Labels

We have covered the most common options per Month, per Week, per Year and per Day. One of these should be suitable for the vast majority of your rental objects. But maybe your situation is different and you need to change the labels or just the wording to e.g. monthly.

On the WPCasa settings page on WP-Admin > WPCasa > Settings you can change the label of the registered periods to your needs. When you check the box next to Rental Periods, new input boxes with the existing rental periods appear.


Listing Editor

After you have saved the custom label on the theme settings page, you will see it on the listing edit page immediately.


Frontend Listing

And when you add the rental price with the custom period in the listing editor, it will also be displayed accordingly on the frontend.


Advanced Customization

It is further possible to programatically customize the standard rental periods. If you want to add more, remove or edit existing periods, you can also use the wpsight_rental_periods filter hook to modify the array that holds the default values of the rental periods.

More information about filter hooks will be available soon.

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