Changing the WPCasa London Color Scheme

The WPCasa London themes comes with a pre-defined color scheme. But you can easily change it to your needs using the theme customizer on WP-Admin > Appearance > Customize. If you would like to adjust the color to better match your corporate ID, this is the place to go.

Color section in theme customizer

Most of the colors applied in the theme can be changed here. The only thing you need to keep in mind that WPCasa London is a dark-style theme by default.

While you can of course switch to light colors for some parts (section background light, accent colors, background highlight color etc.) further CSS changes might be necessary when you switch dark backgrounds (main body, dark section etc.).

To show you the power of this feature here are some examples that were created by only using the theme customizer. Keep in mind that the possibilities are unlimited.

Red Accent Color

Red accent color

Green Color Scheme

Green color scheme

Blue Color Scheme

Blue color scheme

Red Color Scheme

Red color scheme

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