Using Code Snippets

In our tips & tricks section we give examples of how to customize WPCasa using WordPress filter and action hooks. These hooks can be applied by creating small code snippets and “adding” them to WPCasa. Let’s see how.

Install Code Snippets Plugin

If you are not a developer and are not sure about how to add code snippets, we recommend to install the Code Snippets plugin. With this plugin you can create, activate and manage code snippets right from your WordPress admin without having to access your files via FTP or something.

In many years of user support this has proven to be the most effective way for non-developers to deal with the nerdy part.

Once you’ve installed the Code Snippets plugin you will find a new item called “Snippets” in the WordPress admin menu. This is the place where you can manage your code.

Create a Snippet

Create a new snippet by entering a title and the code that you can copy from our documentation. Optionally you can also enter a description and assign some tags. This can be handy when you manage a great number of snippets.


Finally you can decide whether to run the script only on the front or on the back end of your site… or both. This can be important for your site’s performance. Somes codes will only affect one option or the other.

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